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The Inner Child art exhibition and gathering

The year is 2021, a global pandemic put us in interminable lockdowns, Lebanon is going through one of the worst economical breakdowns in history, and tragedy came into our lives in the form of a devastating explosion that hit Beirut on August 4, 2020.


With communal trauma, a failing country, and a pandemic, we parted ways. Each of us had to face the resulting challenges of life alone, with little human interaction. A deeper dive into self-reflection, introspection and a bit of insanity was inevitable. In a world that seemed to have changed forever, memories were blurry, and with no thought of comfort available, the only way to comfort was to push forward, inward.


Introspection is a journey into our minds. As we progress through the various stages of self-reflection, we develop a deeper understanding of our subconscious. And with that comes a stronger connection with our thoughts, self-awareness, and a higher state of consciousness.


This exhibition tells a story of the mind; the journey in search of the inner child, the true self. Every painting is both a manifestation of the human psyche and a chapter. Every stage of introspection is saved in a work of art.


This exhibition is a visual story of the mental trip that happened between 2019 and 2021.

Henri Asmar

The observant
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