Architects design for people’s hearts, minds and pockets. They also design for their egos, their thoughts and beliefs. I always wanted to be an artist, architecture is a path, and the knowledge of art should guide to great projects. I am an American University of Beirut graduate. I started as an artist/painter in 2010 and practiced painting on my own while I was studying architecture at AUB. Music and photography reflect also my passion. I was searching for a way to unite my multiple passions in the arts in a way that can be expressed, understood and used. I thought architecture was the way to do so and during my university studies from 2012 to 2017, I found out I was right.  I think architecture is a culmination of many elements working together to create a project.
To become an architect, you have to be a thinker, a poet, an artist, a sculptor, a photographer, a scientist, a philosopher, a dancer, a businessman, a politician, alive.
The pure pleasure of expressing creatively is the driving force behind my work, along with the belief that design is not just an expression but more of a medium of communication and a mood for endless inspirations. I focus on the aesthetics of my work and its engagement with the user while trying to convey a hidden clue in the concept.  I enjoy sharing how I see the matters revolving around me, my work allows me to expose my feelings in the most transparent of ways. My thoughts flow freely through my creations.