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Collective painting workshop

Collective painting refers to the collaborative creation of an artwork by a group of individuals. It involves individuals working together on a single piece, to collectively produce a unified artwork.


On July 6th 2023, as part of the Rules of Three project, I led a Collective Painting Experience for LIGANOVA. The BrandRetail Company's summer community festival LIGAahoi. About 70 attendees of the festival participated in the experience.

During the 5-hour workshop, the participants got a sense of collaboration and cooperation, shared creative experiences, and exchanged ideas. I mediated the various inputs applied on the canvas in a way to create a coherent composition that captured the true collective creative outcome of the event. The final outcome is a large-scale canvas that doubles up as a memory of the LIganova event and a common sense of belonging to the creative process for the participants of the workshop.

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