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"Think It Over Again" exhibition

An exhibition by Henri Asmar at Beit Beirut, Sodeco

September 11, 12, 13 / 2019 

I am an architect painting his overthinking.


I focus on the aesthetic of my work and its engagement with the viewer while trying to convey a hidden clue in the concept. I enjoy sharing how I see the matters revolve around me with honesty and transparency.

I think architecture is a culmination of many elements working together to create a project. You have to be an artist, a thinker, a poet, a sculptor, a photographer, a scientist, a lover, a hater, a philosopher, a musician, a dancer, a businessman, a politician, alive.

The many incidents and life experiences we go through shape us into the set of attributes that define us as individual beings. Through the selected pieces of art, a narrative unfolds. Every painting has a story to tell, characters that come to play, layers upon layers of elements. 

This exhibition narrates the story of an eccentric mindset, going through the various stages of life. It is a story of growth, maturity, despair and exaltation. 

Henri Asmar

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